Julie Lyles Carr: Signs of Encouragement

Friday, October 1, 2010

Signs of Encouragement

I'm just back from the peak of my half-marathon training program, a twelve mile run that comes at the conclusion of our heaviest mileage training week.

And may I just state, I am so, so, so thankful to have my running buddy JT with me. It has made what is arduous and a challenge also fun and companionable.

Aside from all kinds of benefits that come from having JT as a friend and neighbor and running buddy is also getting to know the amazing people in her life. And JT's BFF is one of those people.

JT and I always stop at a neighborhood Subway sandwich shop to refill our water bottles. That Subway is oh-so-conveniently about half-way on our long training routes and shimmers like a desert mirage when we round the corner. When we burst through the doors of Subway today, a bright neon pink sign greeted us on one of the tables with a greeting of "You're doing great, Julie and Jessica! Keep going!"


From JT's BFF.

Now how awesome is that?

Then, we we finished all those miles and arrived back at JT's to soak in her chilly swimming pool, this sign greeted us from the front porch...

JT, thanks for being my running buddy.

And thanks for having such an amazing and supportive BFF. I'm the happy tag-along recipient of her encouragement and support.

And JT's BFF?

You rock.

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