Julie Lyles Carr: The Spidy Update....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Spidy Update....

I know several of you have been worried about Spider Man.

And, of course, I'm quite hopeful that my groundbreaking theories on Spider Man's possible lizard bite/limb regeneration research may find its way into a medical journal.  I thought it would make you feel better to see the latest pictures of Spidy from this morning...

However, I am concerned there may be a flaw in my theory. Because Spider Man showed up on my desk and he was sort of kind of put back together...except for one arm laying askance.

This is not the vestigial appendage regeneration one would expect to see if a lizard bite were to account for Spidy's condition a couple of days ago. This reconstruction seems far more...spontaneous.

So I'll be watching him closely. He's presently back into seven pieces as I type this, 8 of 8 diligently working to snap him back together.

Thank goodness for 8 of 8's efforts. Who knows what kind of shape Spidy would be in without his ministrations?

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