Julie Lyles Carr: Sunday Selah

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Selah

Seek peace and pursue it...
Psalm 34:14

What a morning.

Mike got home at 3 this morning from attending homecoming at our university alma mater. He slept for a handful of minutes and got back up to the hit the road for a business event up in Big D.
The kids had a few sleep-over pals and I somehow managed to have 10 kids to get around to church this morning.

We couldn't seem to locate any matching shoes for the twins that didn't involve the house slipper variety and ultimately shoved some rain boots on 7 of 8.

It was quite the look.

Additionally, the Dental Hygiene Thieves apparently invaded last night and absconded with all manner of dental brush tools and paste. The ensuing search this morning for said items didn't meet with success.

In the middle of all of it, I found myself thinking, "I've got to get my Selah posted!"

And thinking, more dangerously, "What will my readers think if I don't get the Selah up this morning?"

And in the churning of all these thoughts and shoe searches and teeth brushing failures, I was undoing exactly what the Selah advocates we should do.

To take a pause.

To seek peace. To pursue peace.

Instead exchanging the pursuit of peace for the pursuit of matching shoes.

I tried to post the Selah from my phone before Bible class. Cyber space ate my post.

And then I tried to post again before worship service began.

Because some days I am a slow learner.

But people and needs and hugs appropriately interrupted my surreptitious cell Selah posting and the Lord gently reminded me to put down my worries and to-do lists.  And my cell phone.

To get still.

To listen.

And to seek peace.

So this is me, using you as a confessional, taking a big dose of my own Selah advice. It's early afternoon now, our precious time with church family concluded for the day, a nice training run ahead of me and then, hopefully, hopefully, time for a nap.

Because I'm pursuing peace today. And I'm going to resist my fleshly urge to turn Peace Pursuit into a project.

I'm seeking peace and pause.

And as my sweet sisters, I'm hoping you will do the same.


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