Julie Lyles Carr: Wardrobe by the Numbers

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wardrobe by the Numbers


I am drowning in a quicksand of couture here.


Well, not exactly couture.

More like an ocean of Osh-Kosh.

(I have got to get over this alliteration fixation...)

Weeks ago, I decided I needed to commit a major overhaul of all the closets and the kids' wardrobes. And now, I am still in the midst of this hobbled project.

Can you say overwhelmed?

Bags, rubber storage tubs, piles to sort, piles to giveaway, piles and piles and piles.

It all comes with the big family thing...

...and my continuing flawed philosophy that if I just organize an overwhelming collection well enough and if I can procure enough plastic storage tubs, I will achieve Closet Nirvana.

Here's the part where you come in.


Tell me.


Do you have a theory on how large your kids' clothing collection should be? Do you limit them to 10 complete outfits or 20? Do you hang all their clothes or do you fold everything and store it on shelves?

Or have you thrown in the proverbial towel and are considering life in a nudist colony?

Help me, Rhonda, help help me Rhonda.

And tell me your closet secrets....

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