Julie Lyles Carr: You Heard Right~Another Giveaway!

Friday, October 29, 2010

You Heard Right~Another Giveaway!

How does a $65 gift certificate sound?
That's what I thought.

CSN is a company of on-lines stores offering all manner of gorgeous stuff for your house and closet. I've been a little partial to the console tables site this week as coffee tables seem to be some of the most abused furniture items in this house. I loved this one that would have ample storage for pieces of remotes, random bits of Wii equipment, Barbie shoes and confetti from saltine crackers....


I suppose other people would use those shelves and drawers for more mundane items such as coasters and fully operational remotes.


Looking at the variety of coffee tables on CSN, I had one of those childhood memories rise to the surface.

My dad's office was refurnished when I was kid and we inherited a massive coffee table from the dregs. It weighed a ton and was an immovable fixture in the center of our family room. It had square squat cabinets on either end and an open shelf in the center.

That thing was the jungle gym of the fine home furnishing set.

And those end cabinets with the heavy doors and the industrial strength magnet latches were super handy.

For enclosing our youngest brother within.


We used to stuff Dave in there and shut the door.

He liked it.


We also 'helped' him hide in the sleeper sofa.

Back to CSN stores and giveaways...

So here's the dealio...CSN will be awarding one lucky Octamom reader a $65 gift certificate! So let's post The Rooles:

1. Be an Octamom 'follower'....hey, cults have to have membership and membership has its privileges.

2. Check out CSN stores and leave a comment about something you'd like to blow that $65 gift certificate on. There's ample plenty eye candy to choose, from coffee tables to shoes and kitchenware and kid stuff....

3. Tweet, FB, post on your own blog about this giveaway and receive extra entries.

4. The contest ends Wednesday, November 3rd at 11:59pm with the winner to be announced by Friday the 5th.

And as for our Bibleman Giveaway winner?

Drum roll please.....

Congrats DyessFam!!!! Contact me at octamom@octamom.com to tell me where to send your loot! And many thanks to all of you who entered and also to the beautiful Miss Lindsay Lewis for making the giveaway possible!

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