Julie Lyles Carr: Black Friday Deal

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Deal

I was up at 4 am.

I was.

But not for the sales.

I was Just.Awake.

But for those sales warriors of you out there, I thought of you. And snuggled deeper into my bed. And was glad I wasn't elbowing my way through the toy aisle. But if you were out there, I salute you.

And I've got my own Black Friday Special going on over here.

Running the size crew that I do, I'm something of a time management junkie, always looking at how to more efficiently steer us through our days. I've seen some great stuff when it comes to time managements and I've read some stuff best suited to fairy tales.
Amy Lynn Andrews' Tell Your Time lands squarely in the 'great stuff' category.

Amy launched her ebook just a few weeks ago and I was eager to read it. Amy bases her time strategies on a time budgeting system, thinking of categories of tasks and assigning a time block for it. Interestingly, we had already been using a form of this for homeschooling; I have used extremely specific schedules in the past, with every subject receiving a certain number of minutes. But with my number of students and their varying needs, some requiring more time for a subject, others zipping through only to get bogged down on a different assignment, we kept getting off schedule very quickly. We had morphed our school time into a more general block of time each day, a much more effective approach.

Amy's Tell Your Time builds and expands on that same principle. And then some. Both Mike and I have now gone through the ebook. He has found fantastic application in his work life, and I have been able to make some needed adjustments to our homeschool, my work and a variety of projects. And beyond just watching the clock, Amy walks you through some compelling questions about where you want to spend this treasure we call time and where you may be allowing some of this treasure to slip through the cracks of indecision.  Awesome stuff.

So here's the Black Friday deal:

Amy is offering a sale on Tell Your Time from now until CyberMonday, November 29th, 11:59pm. You just click here to go to the ordering page and enter the coupon code MONDAYBLACK to get 50% off Tell Your Time.  Click and read.  No crowds.  No coupons to lose.  And you can score this deal while still in your pajamas in your warm house while munching a plate of left-over turkey.

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