Julie Lyles Carr: Cloud Seeding

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cloud Seeding

Yesterday morning was met with deep disappointment around here.

5 and 6 of 8 were convinced that it would have snowed overnight.


Um, it didn't.

Not even a little.

Which, frankly, I didn't find that surprising, since the average low around this part of the country is around 40 degrees.  I saw it on Wikipedia.  It must be so.

But 5 and 6 were stunned.

And I was stunned that they were stunned.

As we were driving to church, they continued to discuss their utter disenchantment at the lack of winter precip.

And then 6 of 8 said, "It didn't even work."

Uh, what didn't work?

"We wore our pajamas inside out AND backwards and it still didn't snow!"


Inside out.

And backwards.

Kind of like cloud-seeding, I suppose.

Or a rain dance.

In pajamas.

Of course, I'm NOT going to discuss the fact that I didn't even NOTICE their pajamas were inside out and backwards when I sent them to bed that night....

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