Julie Lyles Carr: The CSN Winner Is....

Friday, November 5, 2010

The CSN Winner Is....

....according to Random.org......
....(drumroll, please)...

csn giveaway2
...which would be...

csn giveaway1

Congrats, Kiddo! Contact me and we'll get your loot to you! And a big thanks to CSN for providing Octamom readers with such a great giveaway!

What's that?

Do I see some pouty faces out there?

Oh, dear.

Well, then, how about another giveaway?

Does that help?

Okay. Now blow your nose and wash your face.

Here we go.

ProProfs Quiz Maker Pro is an online site that allows you to easily make and grade quizzes of all stripes and colors. You can develop a quiz for your blog, your Sunday school class, your classroom, your employees.

I thought it would be a real kick to make up a quiz for Christmas that has family trivia.

But then I would have to try to remember all the trivia.

And my youngest brother Dave, who has the memory of a proverbial elephant, would disagree with me about the trivia.

And then an awkward disagreement could ensue.

And Christmas could come to a stand still.

Maybe Rob and I shouldn't have talked Dave into getting in the dryer when we were young.

Oh! The giveaway! Right! I'm back.

Okay, so you're saying, "Well, Julz, I'm not a teacher, so what's in this giveaway for me?"

proprofs quiz
Well, Sugar, what about this? You win the giveaway and you gift it to your kid's teacher. It's a $200 value, a premium one year membership to ProProfs.

How's that for teacher's pet?

Yep. That's what I thought.

Or use the quiz maker to help your child study for an upcoming exam. Or for my college student readers, use the membership to make your own study materials for that tough chemistry course.

So here's the dealio: Become an Octamom follower (if you aren't already one), check out ProProfs Quiz Maker, and leave me a comment on why you'd like to win and how you would use the $200 membership. Tweet, FB and blog it for more chances. Enter by 11:59pm on Wednesday, November 10th, 2010. The winner will be announced next Friday!

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