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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Finger Tale

It's all good news here.

Saturday afternoon, 7 of 8's right index finger was crushed, ironically, in a safety gate at a kids' arcade game and ride venue. We spent the rest of the day at the amazing children's hospital in our city getting her x-rayed and stitched up.

7of8 hand1
She was quite the trooper.

We saw a hand specialist yesterday to determine what more could be done for her. As many of you regular readers know, 7 of 8 had a stroke at birth and it has left her with weakness on her left side. While we are currently in all kinds of therapy to improve function of her left arm and leg, 7 of 8 relies heavily on her right hand for all nature of fine motor skills.

And now her right index finger is all mashed up.

So off to the specialist we went, anxious to hear if she would need surgery and what level of function we were looking at.

And he assured us that everything is looking great. All we need to do at this point is to keep it clean and dry and let it heal up.

Oh, and keep 8 of 8 away from it.

The specialist says that he doesn't need to do anything more than to check her again in a couple of weeks.

Did you hear that sigh of relief? That's us.

So thank you for all your sweet comments and prayers. 7 of 8 is on the mend and bossing us around.

She even told me how to take these pictures yesterday and how she would pose so that you could see her finger.

Hey, a girl's gotta put her best bandage forward....

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