Julie Lyles Carr: Sugar Crash

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sugar Crash

I'm coming up for air today.
Amidst a sea of household debris.
My goal for the day
Is for clean floors to see.

I let my mommy guard down
And the calendar was packed.
We would dash through the day
And leave the house ransacked.

I've conducted an inventory
Of the chaos and grime
Soccer cleats, candy, confetti
All from children of mine.

School books and socks
A detached Barbie leg or two
Gift wrap, a helmet
All within my immediate purview.

A camera charger, a dessert fork
A pink tennis shoe, crumbs grotesque
A broken pencil, first aid cream
All resting now on my desk.

So I'll finish this coffee
And locate my git-up-and-get-along
The children will be summoned
Clean floors my battle song.

So send me best wishes
And think on my plight
It's going to take some doing
To undo this homemaking blight...

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