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Friday, December 17, 2010

3 of 8 Loves Macro

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I've just got to encourage you again...

...go play with your cameras.

Even if you have just a little point-and-shoot.

Take it off the automatic settings.

And then take it for a spin.

3 of 8 has a little inexpensive point-and-shoot and he has been willing to let me post some of his results.


He puts the camera on aperture mode and the lens on macro.

And then he begins to take a new look at his world.

There's a great little article here about using your point-and-shoot to take some beautiful photographs.

And this is one of my favorite that 3 of 8 has taken this week...


I like the composition.  I like the colors.

And I like the '4' of the dice.

Because that's how many days until 1 of 8 comes home from Paris for the holidays.

4 is now one of my favorite numbers.

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