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Thursday, December 9, 2010


My one thousandth post.

When I started Octamom after the birth of the twins, I didn't have any real direction. It just seemed a way to write and meet other people while being tied to the house with two nursing babies and the rest of the crew. In those early days, I posted every now and then, quickly typing some thoughts and checking in on some fun blogs. After a while, I began to challenge myself to write a little something every day, to post a picture or a funny story, a way for our extended family to keep current on our daily events and a laptop routine that has become a little oasis for me mentally.

What a fun ride this has turned out to be.

Amazing people from across the globe, a community of heart and laughs~~it's just a joy to have coffee with you each morning.

So in honor of hitting 1,000, I'm going to put up a few links of Octamom Greatest Hits. Some of these you may have already seen, some not, as I dig deep into the archives...

1. Homeschool Couture
The homeschool lifestyle comes with its own unique set of expectations, schedules, routines...and freedoms. Click here to see what our school uniforms consist of....

2. Compulsion Much?
Part of being a prepared mom of a crowd this size is having extra resources on hand to meet any need. And sometimes it also means that you forget what you already have in stock...and you stock up on more. Click here to see what we have an overload of here at the Octamom house...and learn why my post signature is made out of toilet paper...

3.  Nit Wits
Last fall we had an invasion of the parasitic kind...bleh.  But I still blogged about it....click here, if you dare....

4.  Crunchy Van
What do you drive when you run a household of ten?  A big ginormous van, of course.  Click here for a photographic tour of my vanity vehicle that leaves all the other moms drooling with envy...or nausea...

And I want to hear about your OctaFaves as well.  Tell ya what, leave me a comment about your favorite posts and I'll give you some extra entries in this amazing giveaway!  Now whaddya think about that?!?

Makin' up the rules as we go....it's a 1,000th Post post's right....

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