Julie Lyles Carr: Home for Christmas

Monday, December 6, 2010

Home for Christmas

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This kiddo is scheduled to come home for Christmas for a few days.

We are all very excited.

The French schools have a different scholastic calendar that the U.S. university systems. She'll only be able to stay a few days and then will head back to finish finals and to have an 'official' winter break some time in February.

While we've kept in close contact through Skype and Google's online phone system and Facebook, I'm so curious to hear more about her adventures, to hear how she thinks it's shaping her, changing her.

And I also wonder how this crazy household will feel to her after having lived in a quiet studio apartment all by herself for four months.

I have a feeling re-entry into the Octa-House may be a bit of a shock to her system...

It sometimes is to me when I get back from the grocery store...

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