Julie Lyles Carr: Post Christmas Fatigue Syndrome

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Christmas Fatigue Syndrome

'Twas three days after Christmas
And all through the house
Not a kid was stirring
Not even starting to rouse

And I in my sweats
With new love handles to pat
Had misplaced my motivation
The decor and tree to pack

"What is this feeling?"
I asked of myself.
"Now that all the festivities are done,
Can't this stuff pack itself?"

The suitcases still stand
By the attic door all in a row
Piles of folded laundry
Ready to be stowed.

Leftovers from Christmas dinner
Stacked on the fridge shelf
Cards from friends and loved ones
In a basket dwell

And I snuggle my coffee cup closer
And watch the gray rain
Content to be in my chair
And wondering again...

Christmas was pulled off successfully
This mama pressed on through
But now shouldn't there be
Some After Christmas Take It All Down crew?

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