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Friday, January 28, 2011

Deeper Things

I'm pondering deeper things today.
Little questions that tumble around in my mind and make me search closely and think harder.

Even when I know that those questions may go unanswered.

But I want to know.

max & rubyI do.

Why are Max and Ruby living on their own? Is the state aware of this? And why is it that their grandmother has not been willing to take them in but insists on living in her own house down the street? She seems perfectly nice, but I can't help but wonder about her strange sense of detachment from her grandchildren when it comes to their living conditions.

And what of Max and Ruby's finances? How are they being funded? Perhaps there is a Bunny Social Security plan I'm unaware of. There don't appear to be any liens on the house and the landscaping and interiors seem to be well-maintained, so I'm assuming there are staff who take care of such things.

I think we've already established that Grandma isn't going to be the one taking care of the yard and house.

I wonder if Ruby is actually running a little daycare, you know, kind of under the radar. There always seem to be extra bunnies over, particularly Louise.

I worry about Louise.

She's something of a follower.

She lets Ruby lead her around by the nose most of the time.

Not that I'm being critical of Ruby. She's got a lot of responsibility on her tender rabbit shoulders, what with caring for Max and running an unsanctioned rabbit care facility and the paperwork and headaches that come from keeping up with the financials.

And yet, I have to say that, while I do understand needing time without a younger rabbit sibling underfoot, Ruby's primary caregiver approach to Max is troubling. She is always about the business of trying to distract him with other activities so she can have time away from him. He seems to take it in stride, but it concerns me what the long-term effect could be on his self image and sense of worth.

Yes, I pondering deeper things today...

(the Max and Ruby image above is from the website www.theatreworksusa.org)

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