Julie Lyles Carr: Distance Dance

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Distance Dance

distance dance1
We take the Amazing Nick to the airport today.


Having just put 1 of 8 on a plane back to France on Friday, it's been wonderful having Nick around to keep us laughing.

distance dance2

But he needs to head back to the coast today. And we're experiencing having to say a double goodbye to two of our favorite people.

This summer will be a busy one, with 1 of 8 coming home and the possibility of Nick coming to see us again. But the summer seems a little far away today.


We're so impressed with how 1 of 8 and Nick have built their relationship on friendship and conversation, fun and faith. And while we know this season of being geographically apart is hard, we know they will come through strong and wise.

And in the interim, we'll miss 'em.

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