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Monday, January 24, 2011

Homework Date

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One day a week, you're likely to find me in the booth of my favorite coffee and bagel shops, catching up on email, writing and taking extreme delight in marking things off my to-do list.

And more often than not, I have a booth mate.

One of the OctaKids.

It's a homework date.

Even thought the homeschool lifestyle naturally means that I have my kids around me a lot of the time, it's usually in the dynamic of one super-size group. Mike and I do make an effort to take the kids out on individual dates and it's always fun...and important. Those dates are a time for us to reconnect with each child and to build memories with that child apart from the crowd.

But I love these homework dates as well.

Even though we are daily about the business of assignments and math drills, writing and history, I can get too focused on checking off the assignment list. These little homework dates give me the opportunity to see more closely the work ethic, study style, strengths and challenges my students bring to the school table.

Or booth, as the case may be.

I try to rotate who gets to come with me so that each kiddo has a turn every few weeks. They all seem to get so much done on the homework dates. It reminds me that a change of scenery can be energizing. And I think it's a good training ground for college-style studying~~some of my best scholastic work was accomplished at The Kettle in Abilene, Texas, back in the day.

Plus, there's a huge, unending vat of coffee available to me for these excursions. Which is very important to me....

Homework Date.

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