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Friday, January 14, 2011

Memory Lane

I've been working on a special project this week, something of a video scrapbook of our therapy path with 4 of 8 and hearing impairment.

I'll be posting the resulting project toward the end of the month after it is presented at a national conference, but for today, I'm wallowing in Memory Lane.

My dining table is covered in boxes and envelopes of photographs and negatives, all in my search for pictures showing 4 of 8 through the years, from her babyhood through receiving her first sets of hearing aids to pictures of her and her amazing Auditory Verbal Therapist, Wendy.

4 of 8 and Wendy had been working together about 3 years at the time I made these photos.

I just love 'em.

Absolutely I have my days that I question why 4 of 8 has to deal with hearing loss, why 7 of 8 has to struggle in the aftermath of a neonatal stroke. As a mama, I want things to be easier for these girls. My heart breaks to see their struggles. And I sometimes wrestle with the emotions that come in the face of incremental steps and plateaus.

But mostly, I find myself feeling so fortunate that 4 and 7 of 8 have been so blessed with the opportunity to work on a consistent basis with people of the caliber of Wendy and Laurie and Melissa. People who have dedicated their lives to patient coaching and improvement and equipping. People who have become beloved members of our family, people who love my kids and teach me and encourage us all.

The silver lining of walking in challenge.

We love you, Wendy. Thank you for teaching us all how to listen, to hear the bigger lessons of persistence, courage and effort.

We are blessed to have you in our lives.

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