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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, Monday

It's foggy, semi-sleeting and freezing here today.

Not literally freezing. Mid-40's kind of freezing.

What can I saw? I've wimped out on my ability to endure truly cold weather in my seven years of living in the warmer climes of the U.S.

But I can now endure the humid 100's of the summer here. Going all reptile in my personal thermostat renders me resistant to the heat.

And really whiny to the cold.

But there is something about the cold that appeals to me. I hunker down with books and writing materials. The kids seem more willing to hit the school books and we gather around the fire and study. There's just something about frosty weather and scholastics that pair well.

It's a welcome accessory to getting our education on.

I've had some great questions about homeschooling come in over the last few weeks. I'll be addressing several of those this week and look forward to your further input and questions.

But for today, I'm going to snuggle a bit deeper into my sweater, I'm going to throw another log on the fire, I'm going to let the kids drink hot chocolate as they study and we're going to celebrate this cold snap.

And commit it to memory.

Because come July, we're going to need it...

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