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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Team Two

It was four years ago this month that I discovered I was pregnant with twins.

I was already half-way through the pregnancy.

We laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

And then started thinking through all the implications.

We went shopping for a fifteen passenger van.

But in all the consideration of extra baby equipment and a double stroller and two car seats and two baby beds and all the rest, I hadn't really through thru to the 'little kids' years.

The mechanics of taking care of two kiddos the same age have gotten easier as we moved on from bottles and diapers. But the mechanics of meeting the needs of two information-hungry, busy, different little people the same age is a challenge.

A blessed challenge.

A busy challenge.

Even after all these years of mothering six other kids, it is a unique season to be mothering my seventh and eighth children as a team of two who are the same age. They have varying levels of development and language, but overall are at a stage where they both want to know they have my undivided attention, still want to be babied a bit, are capable of getting into all kinds of stuff, want a certain level of independence and yet still want to look over each of the shoulders and find me there watching.

And they are not a big fan of being treated as a team. They like their individual attention.

But they like being twins. And they love seeing their birth video. And they love that they were born around the same time, but they also like being able to designate that 7 of 8 was first and 8 of 8 was second.

And they talk and talk and talk.

And I'm still learning to talk twin. To see them as the unique set they are and to see them as individuals. To see their levels of development, how they are the same and how they are different. To celebrate them as a team and to celebrate them as distinct personalities.

And to be enjoying this ride. That started four years ago this week.

When we found out we were having twins...

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