Julie Lyles Carr: A Way With Words

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Way With Words

6 of 8 portrait

6 of 8.

She does have a way with the English language.

While waiting for 2 of 8 to finish some classes at a dance convention recently, I headed to an outlet mall close to the venue. I dragged 6 and 7 of 8 into a variety of stores, intent on my quest for finding good deals. It didn't take long until 6 of 8 was lagging behind, asking how much longer we were going to have to shop and why couldn't we go to a toy store and was I ever going to buy anything for her.

And so it went. Me telling her to stop whining. Her dragging along behind me.

Finally, 6 of 8 sought stronger words to explain her level of fatigue and boredom.

"Mom," she said, "my feet are so tired that they're going to throw up."

Nauseous feet?

Queasy ankles?

Okay, 6 of 8. You win.

We left.

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