Julie Lyles Carr: Family Game Night

Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Game Night

game night
One of Mike's wonderful work colleagues always comes up with the neatest items. Whether it's amazing hot cocoa K-Cups for our Keurig to an idea for family fun, she's always on the look-out.

Recently, she brought this game to Mike: Left Center Right.

We celebrated with a family game night.

This is 5 of 8's game face...

game night1
What a poker player, huh?

Left Center Right is fun because even the twins could participate. We started by each of us having a certain number of candy. You follow the roll of the dice, either being able to keep your candy or having to disburse it to players on either side of you or having to put it in the center.

Turns out, 2 of 8 is a pretty accomplished LCR player...

game night2
We've been having fun with this simple but high-stakes-candy game. And we've also learned that some of us get our right and left mixed up pretty regularly.

But it all just adds to the fun!
game night4

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