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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Got Some Scoop!

kristin armstrong1
Remember that gorgeous gal up there on the right?

That's a precious pal of mine, Kristin Armstrong.

Kristin is an amazing believer, mom, blogger, speaker and writer extraordinaire.

And, oh yeah, she's a runner.

As in, marathoner.

Even having done some extreme marathons.

I'm a little impressed...as in a lot.

So I've got some scoop on the amazing Mizz Kristin.

Are you ready? Ears and eyes at alert?

Here it is...

mile markers
Yep. The new book is almost out. Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run.

For all of us who don those running shoes and make friends with the pavement to those who simply wonder the why behind running, this will make one fantastic read.

Kristin's writing style is wonderful, conversational and open, funny and philosophical. I can't wait to get my hands on this latest work. It comes out March 1st, hence my feeling all snazzy about giving you the heads up.

Usually I only have the scoop when I find out I'm pregnant. And I keep it secret for about five whole minutes. Not that I say anything. But just that my very tired abs give it away really fast.

I'm not pregnant, by the way. I don't think. For sure.

But this is bona fide writer's scoop on Mile Markers. And I'm so delighted for Kristin and just know that her latest book is going to do so well and will be such a blessing.

It's available for pre-order by clicking right here.

I wonder if my top reason for running is in there...as in, I run to get away from my dirty kitchen.

I'm super inspirational that way.

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