Julie Lyles Carr: Hereditary Geekdom Undone

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hereditary Geekdom Undone

4 of 8
Here's the thing with parenting that keeps me endlessly fascinated.

Just about the time you think you have the gig down, you encounter an outlier that makes you have to adjust and grow.

Case in point~that kid in the picture up there.

I myself was a late bloomer. I was the geeky, gawky, nerdy kid of yore. Legs that look like toothpicks, interrupted by knobby knees. Shorter than everybody, then a growth spurt that had me towering, all in the space of one summer. Younger than everyone in my class. Not smart enough to fit in with the true brilliant future internet start-up kids, but aware enough to not engage in the popular reindeer games.

So, based on my social pathology, I can navigate kids through The Awkward Phase.

I've been there. I made a map. And kept it.

So now, with child #4, I encounter the elusive creature known as The No-Awkward Phase child. As in, she's going from child to runway model in one elegant step.

What's up with that?

She got all dolled up for a party with youth group that was to roast the 80's. Which stings a little...given that I really thought I was cool in the '80's...

And she looks like she's 20.

But she's 12.

I did not have this problem when I was twelve.

Neither did 1 of 8. Or 2 of 8.

Sorry, girls. But you know I'm just being honest about hereditary geekdom.

Somehow, 4 of 8 comes off as cool and collected and fun and confident and mature. Maybe more like 40 than 20.  She's as tall as her older sisters and borrows all their clothes.

The orthodontist is telling me that 4 of 8's braces can come off 'any day now'.

4 of 8 2
I may pay him to keep them on.

For, like, another two years.

Just to buy us a little time.

I'm told that the daddy of this kid didn't do awkward himself. I've heard of this phenomenon. I just didn't really believe it existed.

Until now.


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