Julie Lyles Carr: Magnetism

Friday, February 11, 2011


It may be time for me to call in a team of researchers. Because this could be really big news.

Really big.

It seems that there is a phenomenon occurring right in the middle of my home office.

And if it is true that all science begins with observation, then I have this observation to make.

My desk has some kind of magnetic pull. Some kind of attracting force. For literally almost every category of any household item you could think of.

I thought at first it was just a fluke. See, Mike and I have these rules about our home office and how people aren't supposed to come in here without permission and they are certainly not supposed to touch stuff or push buttons or open drawers. And, from our interviews with the OctaTribe, it seems that no one in this house would ever come touch the desk or open the drawers or anything of such nature.

So my best scientific observation is this; my desk must be the center of the OctaUniverse. Because all kinds of things make their way here by some invisible force, since, of course, no one in the house is putting any of it here.

A dance costume from 2001. Gum wrappers. School work. A impressionist coloring job on a Sponge Bob coloring sheet. The title page of a Little House on the Prairie book.

A microphone to some kind of game. Bits of crayons. A random sock. Post-It notes that have been decorated and are now decorating the office.

Magnetism, I tell ya. Since no one has been in here touching anything.

I may need to call CSI and see if they come up with another theory...

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