Julie Lyles Carr: My Funny Valentine

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Funny Valentine

jtt kiss bw
He's home.

JT and AT's adopted son from Ethiopia.

You can read about the path to bringing him home here and here.

JT and AT are our amazing friends and neighbors and JT is my running buddy.

It has been an incredible experience, from the first flickers of exploring adoption to seeing this child come into their home.

And into all our lives.

We've been trying to give them lots of bonding time since their return. Believe it or not, I'm being really good, giving a wide swath.

But every now and then, I get to have a little peek at this precious baby.

And I got to ogle him today as he and JT took a walk in the sunshine. And I chatted with him a bit. And he called JT 'Mommy' many times. And I got all teary. And then he worked on saying my name. And I stayed teary.

There's nothing like having a miracle move in down the street.

Happy Valentine's Day, Sweet Boy. You've got a whole crew of admirers here at the OctaHouse.

We're so glad you've come to stay.

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