Julie Lyles Carr: (Not) Getting It All Done

Monday, February 7, 2011

(Not) Getting It All Done

"How do you get it all done?"

I hear this question often. People wondering what it takes to run a big household. People curious about how we work and school and clean and parent and cook and get to soccer and church.

Getting It All Done.

Here's the deal. Getting It All Done is a fairytale. At least around here.

I don't get it all done. Not by a long shot.

And I'm getting more and more okay with that. Sort of.

I mean, I don't love it when folks come over and the house is a total wreck. I'm not particularly proud when I have to shove piles of laundry out of the entry. It's not like I'm delighted when I'm behind on household chores and the checklist isn't completed and I forget it's my turn to take snacks.

But that is the reality.

I don't get it all done.

But what I do hope I do get done more often than not is to share laughs with my kids. What I do hope we get done is reading great books together. What I am glad we get done is that we make effort and we try and we work together and we interact and talk and prioritize.

For the most part, those things are getting done.

For the most part.

And I'm good with that. Mostly. Even if I have to shove Barbies off the kitchen counters to start dinner.

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