Julie Lyles Carr: Roomies

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's just a fact of life in big families...you're probably gonna have to share a room with at least one or two of your siblings.

Those two little girlies on the left up there, 6 and 7 of 8, have been rooming for a while now, ever since we moved the twins to the upstairs Kids Dorm Land.

7 of 8 thinks she is hot stuff, getting to sleep on the bottom bunk and be 'roomies' with 6 of 8.

Since I was the only girl in my family of origin, I always had my own room. And when we starting having kiddos, lo some twenty years ago, I had some concept that each kid should be in their own room.

But as the family grew and the number of bedrooms didn't, we found that they would all pile in like puppies together anyway. And now, most of the kids have each had various seasons as roommates. It's always sweet to see the relationships that develop further from having shared space.

It's also expanding to have to learn to share your Barbies. Speaking from experience. Some loud experience.

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