Julie Lyles Carr: Snow Faith

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Faith

I'm trying to keep my kids from seeing any kind of news coverage today.

Not because of the unrest in Egypt.

Not because of troubling world events.

But because of our exuberant, hopefully and potentially wrong local meteorologists.

Because they are chirping about percentages and possibilities of, dare I type it, snow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I heard you folks in the Midwest. I heard you roll your eyes...


Can you hear a person roll their eyes? Hm. Another question for another day...

I digress.


So. I'm trying to keep my kids away from major media.

Because we have, wait for it, a 50% chance of light snow flurries. Yep.

And if my kids hear about this, they're going to go full in to what I call the Please Make It Snow Cult.

They pray for it, as only kids who live in our latitude can. They offer sacrifices, promising extraordinarily good behavior in exchange for winter precip. They sing matras over and over, "Please, snow, snow, snow, snow, snow..."

So I'm trying to avoid all that whoop-la. And for those of you who are up to your literal eyeballs in snow, I apologize for our snow hopes.

Snow Faith.

I'm standing in the gap. In Snow Faith.

Because my kids sure would love it. And I kind of would too....

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