Julie Lyles Carr: 2 of 8 takes the wheel

Friday, March 11, 2011

2 of 8 takes the wheel

Hey! This is 2 of 8 blogging for my mom, the original octamom! We are somewhere on I-35 near Waco, TX with about a million other people. My mom and I, and two other dancers are, are heading up to a Cecchetti seminar.
Cecchetti is the Italian form of ballet syllabus created by Maestro Enrique Cecchetti. Cecchetti is differnt from Vagonova, Royal, etc. due to a strong focus on placement and technique. I have been studying this method for about 5 years, and am currently in the advanced grade.
Not a fan of dance? Well, you at least have a new word for scrabble.
This is 2 of 8 signing off for now. Enjoy your nugget of ballet trivia :)
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