Julie Lyles Carr: Docu-Confessions

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So I have a confession to make.

I heart documentaries.

Fer realz.

As in, if I'm going to watch television, it's most likely going to be a feature on the History Channel.

Don't judge me.

And here's the other confession.  I make my family watch them too.

And they're starting to like them.  And ask to watch them.  And wanting to do internet searches on things like death-worms.  Because these are the subjects of some of the documentaries.  That and Andrew Jackson.  And planets.  And Rome.  And John Wilkes Booth.

Yes.  I am using my docu-influence to mold the next generation.

I can't claim that all these 'documentaries' are completely factually based.  Some of them do tend to stretch the bounds of 'research'.

But I love the conversation and critical thinking and mental bunny trails docu-watching births.  5 of 8 can give you multiple theories on the Lincoln assassination.  And Big Foot.

I feel like I have equipped him for dinner parties.

My amazing neighbor AT the IronMan, married to my running partner JT, let me borrow the documentary series Earth.  And I was extremely touched.  And have watched it multiple times.

And haven't returned it yet.

But docu-buddies are important people in my life.  Which is why I'm putting up this link to one of my favorite brain candy sites.  Which I'm not being compensated for and will receive no recompense.  I just feel like I'm doing my little part for humanity.

It's TopDocumentaryFilms.   Many of the documentaries on the site are free and complete.  They do have some that have to be purchased, but the free portion of their collection is quite impressive.  And there are a bunch about Rome.  And Big Foot.  And Andrew Jackson.

And John Wilkes Booth.

I just thought you should know.

A little gift from me to you.  A little penance for holding AT's Earth series captive.  A little nutrition for your brain.

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