Julie Lyles Carr: Equal Time

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Equal Time

6 of 8
6 of 8 is not one to be outdone.

Of course.

So since I showcased 2 of 8 and her dance a couple of posts back, the time would seem appropriate to show a few pictures of 6 of 8 at the same competition.

6 of 8 dance 2
I keep trying to figure out what this expression is on 6 of 8's face...kind of smug, a little Grace Kelly-esque.

Or maybe she's just somewhat spotlight stunned...

6 of 8 dance 3
Well. I don't know that I could honestly use '6 of 8' and 'spotlight stunned' in the same sentence. I don't know that 6 of 8 has a 'spotlight stunned' button.

'Hog the spotlight.' Now she has that button. For sure.
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