Julie Lyles Carr: Focus Group

Friday, March 25, 2011

Focus Group

8 of 8

8 of 8 is experiencing unchartered territory for the next few days.
He has me.

His own personal mama focus group.

Pretty much. 2 of 8 is still here, but has her own jam-packed schedule. Mike has packed up the rest of the kiddos, 3 through 7, and has taken them to Okie Land. Mike will be meeting with clients. And 3 through 7 of 8 will be busy being spoiled by extended family.

2 of 8 has several dance obligations here. I have a women's event at which I'll be speaking. And 8 of 8 will experience the new world of I Have Mom All To Myself.

I took him with me to the grocery store today. And then we stopped by the library. And he could browse, me by his side, with no hurry and no distraction of his siblings. He got to eat all the chicken nuggets he wanted for dinner. He got to watch the channel he wanted to watch on television. And he's presently in the tub, not having to share any of the toys.

But, to be honest, he seems a little discombobulated.

He keeps asking where everyone is. And he is a little dazzled by the fact that he doesn't have to stand in line for my attention.

As for me, I'm enjoying focusing solely on this interesting little guy. My baby. He's chatty and inquisitive and funny.

And he creates amazing art work with ketchup which is supposed to be used for his chicken nuggets.

And, even though a bit confused, he seems to love Mommy/8 of 8 time.  Focus time.

I kinda like it too.

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