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Thursday, March 3, 2011


When shopping for in-laws, you might want to keep this in mind.

Former elementary school teachers and principals make for very handy grandparents.

My in-laws were both elementary school teachers and principals.

I highly recommend it.

I have turned my mother-in-law loose this week on one of our homeschool subjects in which I seem to have lost some mojo.

That would be in the Penmanship Category.

I use the same curriculum I always have, but I see the span of our homeschooling years revealing something...my first couple of kiddos mainly schooled with pencil and paper...and these next OctaScholars are schooling mainly on all things electronic and computer-based.

And you can tell. Or else they're all going to be doctors.

We've used an italic-based curriculum for all the kids, but the middle and younger ones simply aren't using handwriting as much as their older sisters.

And this is where the whole 'in-laws who had long careers in education' thing is nice. Very nice.

MiMi has been working with the kids, a model of patience and explanation and gentle correction. And their O's are looking a little more recognizable. And their G's are starting to take shape.

And my shoulders are starting to unclench.

Do shoulders clench? Well, mine do.

But now less so. Since MiMi is speaking D'Nealian to the OctaScholars.


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