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Friday, March 4, 2011

In Like a Lion

It begins.

Spring Craziness.

Here at the OctaHouse, we let the kids each have one extracurricular activity beyond school and church activities. You would think that might involve one gymnastics lesson a week or an art class or something. Because in theory, the 'one extracurricular activity' sounds simple and doable, even when multiplied by eight.

Except that we have managed to have extra curricular activities that require multiple nights of practice a week. And our own version of March Madness.

And nobody around here plays basketball.

For 2 and 6 of 8, dance fever is in full glory. They'll spend almost every weekend of this month and next at some convention, competition or seminar dedicated to their art. The suitcases and coolers and wardrobe hangers are perched by the door, awaiting departure to this weekend's competition. Costumes have been bling-blinged, toe shoes have been be-ribboned, supplies checked and rechecked.

And for 3 of 8, this weekend marks the start of soccer season, so many games inked on the schedule that the boxes of the calendar look like a checker board.

Toss in a sprinkling of birthday parties and youth group events and play dates and you have the idea.

This was my attempt at kid activity simplification.

Mike and I have a whole complex dance choreographed for getting various people to various events in various locales and cities over the next few weeks. And I have a feeling there will be caffeine abuse involved.

Such is the nature of March Madness.


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