Julie Lyles Carr: Model Search

Monday, March 28, 2011

Model Search

j&j landscape portrait JT
Yes, I have a serious crush on someone.

Yes, Mike knows about it.

He's okay with it.

Because, I mean, really, what's not to love here?

j&j portrait JT 3
Ever since this little guy got home after being adopted by our precious friends and neighbors AT and JT, we've been pretty ga-ga over this kid.

And my camera finger has been itching to click the shutter.

This little guy has become my newest muse, my latest star search.

My Super Model.

j&j sepia vingette
He and his mama patiently let me take a few snaps on to ye ol' SD card last week.

I think he knows the camera loves him.

j&j3 holga lens b&w
As does the photographer.

He decided it was time to make us laugh...

j&j 14x36 tri-series 2
...which he does very well.

j&j 14x36 exposure tri-series
Oh, yes, we laughed.

A lot.

j&j 1 lomo lens vingette
It's hard to believe he's been home just a little over seven weeks. Seven weeks. It feels like he's always been here. And it still feel beyond amazing that he is here.

j&j2 soft lens
But you can be certain of this...he already has a chunk of my heart.

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