Julie Lyles Carr: On Set

Monday, March 7, 2011

On Set

So I can't say where and I can't say what it's about and I can't take pictures...which eliminates a lot of what blog posts are comprised of.

But I can tell you that I'm on a movie set this morning with 3 and 4 of 8. They are extras (or 'background', as the lingo goes) for a project here in our fair city. So far, 3 of 8 has been able to show off his pretend video game playing skills and 4 of 8 has dramatically held on to a helium balloon.

Very taxing, I tell you.

The kids are having a ball and the crew have been kind and fun.
There is a whole little community going on, good food, laughs and conversation.

We'll see how enthusiastic they are by the end of the day.

When there will still be algebra to be done when we get home...
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