Julie Lyles Carr: Reams of Paperwork

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reams of Paperwork

There are a couple of dark secrets when it comes to homeschooling.

Which I don't mind sharing.

I have no pride.


Ya know.


So here are the couple of dark secrets.

Number 1.
Homeschooling is heck on your house.

Think through it. People eating, grazing, studying, doing science experiments, grazing, tearing the little paper tabs of their notebook paper...all. day. long. Every day.

Not to mention the toilet paper usage.

And here is another secret.

Number 2.

There are lots and lots and lots of paper items to keep up with.

My kids do a combination of curricula, some paper based, some computer based.

But it all leads to needing to store, for posterity, lots of paper.

Some people try to figure out how to best display wall art and place furniture.

I'm all about how to artistically stack banker boxes throughout the house.

I decided that this is the year for Asymmetrical. I think it makes the banker box stack look a bit unexpected, a bit nervy.

And I thought topping the highest stack with some Wii light sabers added a touch of whimsy.

Homeschool Decor.

Maybe I should start a decorating blog....

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