Julie Lyles Carr: They've Done It Again Giveaway!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

They've Done It Again Giveaway!

They've done it again!

No, not the twins and the bathtub laundry adventures.

The good folks at JumpStart. They've come up with another great educational online game.

And this one has made a subject very fun that some of my students often think is un-fun.

Un-fun. You heard it here first.

Vocabulary invention and prefix mangling aside, JumpStart invited us to try out Math Blaster, the newest online experience in their bevy of educational games.


5 and 6 of 8 practically wrestled each other to get on the computer to try it out.

And were delighted. Delighted to the point that I think they forgot they were doing math. Which is genius.

The games are designed for students between the ages of 6 and 12 and cover all manner of math factoids in a fun, interactive setting.


The game opens with being sent on special missions in an outer space environment. Each activity is customizable to your kiddo's math ability. Every little victory helps propel them on to higher levels and focuses on a specific math skill.

5 and 6 of 8 quickly declared it awesome.

And here's something for you to declare awesome as well.

JumpStart will give one lucky OctaReader a free membership to the site. Yep.

And free equals zero denario. Which equals awesome.

Circle complete.

So, go check out the MathBlaster site here and come back and tell me why you would like to win this awesomeness. Tweet, FB and blog about it for more chances. We'll draw a winner and announce it on Thursday, April 7th!

And just so we're clear, yes, we received a membership to review the game. Let's keep the FTC happy and purring, shall we?

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