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Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Girl

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This girl is scheduled to come home, after living a year in Paris, in four more months.

Her thought at this point is to move back in with us, as she has used some of her savings to travel Europe while she's on the Continent.

While we are thrilled for her to return home, I have to wonder what it's going to be like to be back in the center of OctaChaos.

Don't get me wrong...I love our brand of crazy. But having been on the road the last few weekends and having some quiet time to myself has made me realize just how loud and zany we are.

1 of 8 has been living in Paris on her own, going to class and nannying for a wonderful family in a posh section of the city. And while she's been gone, 2 of 8 has been camping out in her room and the other kids have gotten bigger and louder and our schedule and noise level has gone up and up and up.

It makes me wonder what re-entry into the OctaSystem will be like for her.

Because, I know, just after a little down time at a hotel, I'm a little stunned at what it's like around here on a minute to minute basis.

Hopefully, her old coping mechanisms will kick in, an uncanny ability to shut out the mania and laugh at the wildness of ten people living in a house together.

I know several of my friends with college age kids will be welcoming their college-age kids home for the summer. And I know there will be adjustments to be made with newfound independence and lifestyles and space.

But I've got to think that what we're asking 1 of 8 to take on in terms of reacclimation ranks up there in the extreme category. It's not everyone who comes home from a year abroad to deal with toddler twins.

But we're excited. And we hope she is. And we can't wait to learn who she is now, how this experience has shaped and changed her.

Just four more months.

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