Julie Lyles Carr: Virtual Reality

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Virtual Reality

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Got to meet another one of my cuber friends last night.  (post-edit: 'cuber' friends?  Cuber friends?  I have no idea how that slipped through~~I meant CYBER friends....more coffee, please...)


Mizz Jennifer Poppy.

What a doll!

We had her come speak at one of our women's events and she was just a delight. Jennifer blogs at BellaGrace Home Staging.

I got to meet some other blog friends last year.

There is something so unique about friendships that have developed in a modern pen pal mode, exchanging ideas and thoughts on screen, checking out family photos, laughing through abbreviations like LOL.
And then to meet in person.

And put voice to face and face to mannerisms and mannerisms to personality.

Jennifer did a fantastic job, blessing us all. And now I can visualize a little more clearly this inspirational young woman who has spoken to so eloquently through her blogging and her life.

New old friends.

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