Julie Lyles Carr: Decision, Decisions

Monday, April 18, 2011

Decision, Decisions


This little girl gives us a run for our money, trying to navigate the complexities and treasures of her personality.
And her physical and occupational therapies.

But we're getting it figured out.

Little by little, more ideas and approaches and insights present themselves.

Present themselves as ways to wake up that little left hand.

We had a big kahuna meeting last week with a neurologist and an intern and a physical therapist and a nurse and an occupational therapist. And we circled back up with her dedicated and amazing weekly therapists.

And while no magic pixie dust showed up to fix the situation, we all found new ways to approach this kiddo, new approaches to soliciting her cooperation and motivation.

What a blessing to have so many people all interested in helping this little girl be all she can be.

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