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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do Gooders

So how great is this?
We just happen to live on a great street. When I think back to this time four years ago, when I plopped out of the 15 passenger van, seven and half months pregnant with twins and trying to find a new house in 36 hours because we had just learned that we were going to move, well, let's just say, our house hunting was not exactly strategic.

It was simply the last house we saw that seemed capable of holding all our stuff and people. And I couldn't walk anymore. Because my ankles were swollen beyond human recognition. And I was tired. Very tired.

Little could we have known at the time that we were entering a sweet season of neighborhood life.

Sweet it is.

Particularly that sign up there in the first photo.

Two little girls across the street got bee in their bonnet and decided that they wanted to throw a carnival to raise money for charity. So they made little handmade invitations printed with crayons and delivered to our door. And we were invited to stop by the carnival one afternoon, where food and games were going to be offered.

I thought it was a cute idea. I hoped a handful of folks would show up.

And then, one sunny afternoon last week, I was sitting at the computer, writing away, when fleets of mini vans began parking along the street. And kids and moms disembarked. And headed across the street.

To the carnival.

Here's one of the organizers:


Half of the Do-Gooder Girls.

And here's the other one:


And here's the turnout for the carnival they organized...


...and snacks...


...and games...


I was just busting with pride that so many folks would show up to play and eat and raise money. Validating the dreams of the Do-Gooder Girls. Blessing a charity. And blessing two little girls who dreamed of helping others through the venue of a neighborhood carnival.



It's just inspiring.

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