Julie Lyles Carr: Dry Spells, Big Clouds

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dry Spells, Big Clouds

"Mom," 5 of 8 called to me, "come see this cool cloud!"

I was knee-deep in work, feverishly clicking away at my computer, multiple projects open in multiple windows.

"Seriously, Mom! You've got to see this."

So I took a breath, took a pause and pulled away from the clarion call of the laptop.

And what I saw took my breath away.

Out to the east, over our dry landscape and low rainfall numbers, a cumulus cloud was billowing, cotton ball puffs blooming.

And to the west, the sun was setting in crimson glory.

When we would swing our attention back to the east, the skyscape was changing by the second...

At this point, I called my neighbor, JT, busy putting her kids to bed and told her that she absolutely, positively needed to step outside and look into the skies.

She obliged me. Because she gets my kind of crazy. Which I appreciate very much.

We didn't get much needed rain. We did get a spectacular sunset show.

And the moral of the story is this...when your nine-year-old invites you to go outside to see a 'cool' cloud, do it.

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