Julie Lyles Carr: Portrait Effort Update

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Portrait Effort Update

8 a
So I'm still in search of that elusive item known as "A Cute, Smiling, Looking-in-the-Lens Picture of 8 of 8"...

Here's some of our latest efforts.

That one up there is, ah, interesting. With some editing, I could make it look a little mood-ish, I suppose...

8 a edit
...aannnnddd maybe not.

We're getting closer with this one...

8 b
...but it still has something of an 'Emerging Salamander From the Pond' quality to it.

I figured that was probably already an obvious metaphor, but thought I would go ahead and state what everyone was already thinking. Because I'm sure everybody thinks like I do. Right?


Now this next entry is getting us closer to target. In a slightly off-focus, not-looking-exactly into the camera kind of way.

8 c
Now, this next one is the closest we got to the mark. And I'm pretty pleased with it. Now we just need to get the camera in focus and the subject dressed and we can call it a day.

8 d

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