Julie Lyles Carr: A Time to Fast

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Time to Fast

30 hr
We LOVE our youth group. Amazing leaders, amazing kids.

An amazing experience.

Part of what I love about our youth leaders is the way they continue to push the kids to get outside of the me-me-me perspective and to understand more about the world.

My foyer has been filled with huge cardboard boxes as my kids have been preparing for 30 Hour Famine. 30 Hour Famine is a World Vision concept, a charitable organization that helps feed and cloth impoverished children across the globe. Our youth group is participating in 30 Hour Famine starting tonight. The kids have been fundraising and gathering boxes. They'll head out to our church property and will live in a make-shift cardboard village while learning more about countries in the world where hunger is epidemic.  Unless health reasons arise, the kids will stay hydrated on juices and water but will abstain from food for the duration.

What an incredible experience.

I'm all for youth groups getting together and having fun and fellowshipping and eating pizza and heading out to the amusement park. Hanging with friends and having a good time is fantastic. But I love that balance that events like this bring, a strong reminder of one's blessings and the responsibility to make a difference where you can.

If you're interested in participating in 30 Hour Famine in your community, you can go to the 30 Hour Famine link to learn more...

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