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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Awkward No More...

My house is quickly filling up with adult people.

1 of 8 will be heading home from France in a couple of months. And the Amazing Nick is due for a visit.

3 of 8 is almost as tall as I am. As is 4 of 8.

And then there's 2 of 8. Who has long been an adult in the stature of her character. But who has changed so dramatically in the last couple of years. She was asking me why it was that 4 of 8 seemed to not be going through an awkward phase. I laughed and said that 2 of 8 herself had not gone through an awkward phase. To which she laughed and proceeded to haul out some photo albums from a few years ago. And, ah, yes, she had an awkward phase. Which consisted of three sets of braces. And head gear. And a stretch of wearing outfits that looked straight out of Little House on the Prairie.
But she got over it. She grew out of it. Boy, did she.


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