Julie Lyles Carr: Back to the Future

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to the Future

julie 5th gr. '77-78 001 crop
My mom and I have been bringing the family photo albums into the 21st century.

Kicking and screaming.

Not that my mom and I are the ones kicking and screaming.

But that trying to get all the scanners and computers and DPI settings correct is an exercise in kicking and screaming. We're getting it figured out. Finally.

So I'll regale you with some blasts from my past...

julie 4th grade 76-77 001 crop
Does anyone else remember those hair ribbons that were actually not ribbons but thick cords of yarn? I had those in many a color...

julie 9 yrs old 1976 001 crop
In that above pic, I remember that I was working on a different kind of smile. I can't remember if I ended up thinking this was a good look or not. But I remember taking the dental risk to see if I could come up with a more compelling look...

julie qhhs activities '81-82 001 run crop
And the one of me running was a surprise. I don't remember this one and was quite surprised to find it. It's fun to realize that something I loved waaaayyyyy back in the day is still something in my today.

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