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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big Girl Party

Saturday was a sweet day. We went to a women's luncheon and four of my five girls came with me.

1 of 8 didn't. Something about it being a bit pricey to fly in from Paris for Mother's Day.

plw luncheon '11 girls
But the rest of the OctaGal crew did and enjoyed a wonderful brunch. My women's ministry co-conspirator and I had a ball helping organize the event. We had the ladies bring portraits of women in their lives who have inspired them. There were a few tears as women began to talk about the lives of these inspirational ladies.

denise, esther, me
And it made me think again on how the message of our lives continues to play forward. So many of the women shared portraits of grandmothers and great-aunts and women of the Bible who, in the flesh, have been gone for many a year, but who in the spirit continue to speak into 2011. The character, the integrity, the generosity, the creativity, all still speak clearly and loudly today.

It made me proud to be a girl.

linda and kristen

And I've been thinking over the last few days how women carry each other's stories.  We're the ones behind the camera and the ones organizing the scrapbooks and the ones putting pictures in frames.  We're the ones who share advice and recipes and we are the sorority historians.

nan & girls

I love that about being a woman.  Bearing one another's burdens.  And telling each other's stories.

plw luncheon '11 c&j

And hearing each other's hearts.

Girl power.

It's a beautiful thing.


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