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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Few Good Resources

One of the interesting silver linings of mothering special needs kids is that you become a connoisseur of great products that help to encourage development and growth. I became acquainted with LinguiSystems back when we were in intensive Auditory Verbal Therapy with 4 of 8 and find myself relying again on their fantastic games with 8 of 8 as we navigate his lagging language development. I have the Rocky's Mountain game, which helps kids with thinking about all the possible words that can be used within a certain category, such as "Things in a Baby's Room" (crib, diapers, bottle, stroller). This is a particularly challenging game for 8 of 8. LinguiSystems is no longer selling a game called Patty's Cake, which is a bummer. This game was invaluable in helping 4 of 8 use describing words for various objects. I played it today with 7 and 8 of 8 and reflected again on what a great strategy is for helping kids with expanding their descriptors for items.

And, no, I'm not being compensated for posting about LinguiSystems. I was just thankful again for the products they produce and how they have helped in our journey with special needs kids.

A site that I love for all my kids that is free, free, free is scholastic.com. There are games, online 'field trips', read-aloud activities and printable pages. As I've been typing up this post, 5 and 6 of 8 have been, once again, taking the Pilgrim online field trip. They have explored this activity several times but continue to be fascinated by it. When we were doing tele-therapy for 4 of 8, her therapist and she would often screen-share scholastic.com and do a game together.

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And I'd love to hear about the resources you've used with your kiddos, things that have enhanced education or helped in an area of special needs or are just plain cool. Let's hear you dish!

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